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Tangent Line Finder

Learn The "T" Line! AND avoid Cue Ball Scratch!

Learn the "Tangent Line" and figure out the Centre (Stop) ball, Top (Follow) and bottom (Draw) shot lines of cue ball deflection. Practice with medium speed.
Practice until you find the centre of the cue ball, one point (1/8") above (1/8”) and one point(1/8”) below the center of cue ball.
CUE TIP could be anywhere from 10–13 mm. Almost half inch! Actual contact between the cue ball and a properly shaped cue tip is about one mm (pin head) size!
HINT: the centre of the cue ball spot (core) is always a little lower than what you "think". Check it out!


  1. Avoid cue ball scratch.
  2. Break up ball clusters.
  3. Estimate carom and billiard shot angles.
  4. Plan the path of cue ball after it hits the object ball and the rail for Position Play.
Cue ball deflection for top and bottom spin is dependent on the distance the cue ball has to travel, cut angle of the shot and stroke speed.

PRACTICE PLAY:While playing for practice, if you have doubt about the tangent line or your intuition tells you might scratch, simply drop the Tangent Line Finder circle over the object ball with the arrow pointing in to the middle of the intended pocket and check the tangent line for a scratch.

CAUTION: DO NOT try this in LAS VEGAS or in your LEAGUE PLAY! This is for practice only. GOOD LUCK.

Only $14.95 each (practice guide included) - Dealers please call for bulk pricing.
Overseas customers please contact before placing an order.