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Clear Cue Ball For “Jump Shot” Training

This is a training device to help the novice pool player “learn jump shot” in the game of billiards.

The game of pool is becoming more and more sophisticated as players become more knowledgeable about the geometry of the table, physics of laws of motion of the phenolic resin balls, cushion characteristics and type of cloth etc., These have led to the development of finesse in the game and increased the level of competition. Safety play has become a standard part of all games, which necessitated the use of bank shot, kick shot, finesse shot and of course the tantalizing "Jump Shot".

A "Jump shot" is made by striking the phenolic resin cue ball at an angle and driving it in to the heavier, solid slate underneath, which makes the cue ball jump. Ordinarily, the Jump Shot is made by using the non shooting hand in a vertical position, using the grove between the thumb and index finger as rest. These shots are made comfortably when the cue ball is in the peripheral zones of the table. However, if the cue ball is out of reach for normal jump, a jump shot can be made using the “dart shot method”, even if the cue ball is in the middle of the table surface.

For a novice player it is difficult to execute a legal “Jumpshot” without knowledge of the above factors.

This “Clear cue ball” training device shows the player the core and the equator of the ball vividly. This helps to develop a proper stroke to accomplish a legal “Jump shot” within a short period of time. This shortens the learning curve to attain the skill and master the shot.

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